Suggestions to MS for the new Windows 7 (Vista SE like 98SE it is what the first version should have been)

1. Put in all the stuff you left out. It should be done be now. Data base, etc.

2. Touch screen and multi-touch stuff is fine, if it works.

3. Fix all the stuff that never worked.

    1. The computer stops everything on an error window. So how can I get the data it asks for if I cant get out of the window or move anything?
    2. Make many and informative error messages.
    3. Fix format.exe so it formats without looking at it (which makes it hang cause it needs formatting). I.E. Format /absolutely /no recover /without verify
    4. Fix windows to have some built in recovery points so it never has a BSOD. I.E., one of the options at BSOD is to just go on, reload explorer, etc. Maybe even load a small system that can save any data.
    5. Make windows work, update, etc without having to be connected to internet. If I want to keep my computer as safe as possible, I donít want to be connected to the internet. At all. So make anything that windows wants from the internet deliverable via CD or ISOÖ
    6. Fix sleep/hibernate/etc so it is understandable. What is the diff from suspend and sleep? Make hibernate only save what is changed or the RAM used. Why save 3 gigs of Ram when you only ran Paint?
    7. Make Cut and Paste work EVERYWHERE! In Error messages (that require input or has errors to save), Yahoo Pagebuilder Cuts donít come to Word or notepad, etc.

4. Make a format /non-recoverable command for any re-write-able device. Even CD-R might be able to over write with all ones or 0s

5. Make IP 6 work so we can get passed this mess on IP 4, supposedly it has better security.

6. Make it multi-task. Make it use 2 or more processors. With 2 or more processors, I should never make a coaster CD/DVD again. Also make it smart enough to do back round tasks when it is not busy. Allocate tasks that use unsigned drivers to a processor that would allow recovery from a locked driver (no signed driver should ever lock up a task. Ever!)

7. Make it address more RAM. 3 Gigs is not enough anymore. Any Ram not used by Devices (videoÖ) Should be used for something.

8. Make Vista work with old networks. Have a Non-safe option for old networks so people can connect to 98, etc if they want to.

9. Make sliders and rulers optionally transparent. And variable width for smaller screens.

10. Make all menus able to coexist on same line and able to weed out never used options. configurable

11. What ever happened to speech recognition? Isnít it done yet? PS, if you want to do something to make you a hit on the internet, make a speech recognizer search engine. Yes, Natural language search. Even in text it would be a big improvement.

  1. Figure out a method that lets users set print parameters for each situation and change it temporarily and permanently and maybe selectable profiles. But especially make it so the user knows what he is changing. I never know if I am changing the printer, Word, the fax driver or what. I can go to Control Panel, Print driver, Page setup and all over, to change things and never know what I will come back to later or somewhere else (I.E. next program)
  2. Make windows modular and allow people to load only the modules needed or to ask for the CD when some code is not there. This would make windows work on many smaller systems it struggles on now. Cut the bloat. It is nice to be able to run old stuff but not every one needs to have the code loaded all the time just to have that ability.
  3. Forget the error messages and put a number. Then keep updating a file available on internet or CD with real detailed messages, suggested solutions, and links to more (like info on the problem, work around etc).
  4. Forget changing every version of windows (and Office, etc) with new more demanding code that does not improve anything. I donít need 6 different menu methods. What was wrong with the +/- sign in explorer? Changing to little symbols is not more intuitive, easier, faster, nor takes less code. A big waste. Let me leave that module out and use the +/-. Hiding or moving menu options is so stupid as to be funny. Forget Wac-a-mole menu items.
  5. Stop adding more keys to the keyboard. There are plenty. Use them more logically. We will soon be able to us our keyboards to type in Chinese with just a simply reassignment program if you keep adding keys that make perfectly good keyboards obsolete.