The fine Print

These ideas contained in this site (unless noted) are all original as far as I am concerned. That does not mean that other people might not have thought of the same or better ideas before me and independently, but I thought of these independently. If the idea was developed or used elsewhere, you may advise me of such, with such proof you have to offer and I will so note in my site. Without any evidence to the contrary, I shall assume these ideas are mine to do with as I see fit. I chose to donate them to the good of humanity.

These ideas are free to anyone who needs or wants to develop them with one restriction. I must be given credit for the idea. That is, if there is a patent, I need my name mentioned to the extent that my idea contributed to that patent, even if it is only to spur you on to the pursuit of that patent of your own independent idea. If there is a product, the documentation must state somewhere (say the Preface in the manual) my contribution. If there is a project started as a result of my ideas (say a 2KAU project) I would like recognition and invited to be an honorary member. The intent is recognition of my contribution, however small. I need no control nor monitory payment (but all contributions, including prototypes and beta's are gladly considered! Small unmarked bills in brown paper bag is acceptable.).

I would like notification of any credit given, however small, so I can post it to my site (with links to yours, as appropriate). No intent is taken to give away ideas not owned by me. I have no knowledge at this time of any other ownership of these ideas and will publish such information as soon as it is presented to me.